SAM Broadcaster


Create your own online radio station and keep track of your audience



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SAM Broadcaster is a comprehensive tool that you can use to create your own radio station for broadcasting music or talk radio streaming online.

This program makes it easy to transmit any kind of content and share it with the whole world. It runs from a simple interface that shouldn't give you any trouble, even if you don't have any previous experience with this type of tool.

SAM Broadcaster also provides a series of tools to make your broadcasts easier to produce, and to improve the quality of the audio tracks you want to release.

It includes an option to play each and every track that you want to emit individually, so you don't run into any errors in the process, while having the chance to check on the list before and after it's broadcast.

This tool may be similar to any other program of its type, but it offers many more features than its competitors, and includes an audience meter to help you know how many people are listening to your broadcasts.

The trial version has limited certain features.

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